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Seattle Rainforest Action Group Activists descended on
the Quadrant Homes corporate headquarters in
Bellevue, WA to raise awareness of Quadrant Home's
use of wood stolen from The Grassy Narrows First
Nation, to build Quadrant Homes. The action went well
as activists took place shortly after a unified national
call in to the Quadrant's President Peter Orser took
place. "I could feel that we were making a big impact,"
said Justin, of The Seattle Rainforest Action Group.

The action was a success with dozens of passerbys
honking their car horns in solidarity and support,
although Quadrant Homes staff did not appear to share
the same appreciation. Check out
Pictures from the act
ion and read our
new blog!
SEARAG Activist at Quadrant Homes Corporate HQ 2007
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Green IMPOSTORS; All TALK but no Green
Activists from the Rainforest Action Network
and the Seattle Rainforest Network descend
upon downtown Everett, Washington;
demonstrating outside the MBA Built Green
PNW Conference where Housing Giant
Quadrant Homes received an award for  
building "GREEN" Homes; or in other words
for GREENwashing the public into believing
that Quadrant Homes are truly Green. To
make things exciting, we decided to level
the playing field and give Quadrant an award
of our own; #1 Green Impostor! Check out
our latest
Pictures from the
CLICK HERE to Check out the latest SEARAG Blog
ics from the event
atch a Video of SEARAG & RAN in Action!
Quadrant Home's PR person "Pinocchio" at the Action
SEARAG Welcomes Quadrant Homes President!
SEARAG Activists Welcome Quadrant Homes President Peter Orser Home
Activists from the Seattle Rainforest Action Group
Welcomed Quadrant Homes president Peter
Orser Home this evening; displaying a banner
along Peter Orser's route home on I-90;
Displaying SAEARAG's outrage of Quadrant
Home's  use of timber stolen from First Nations
and endangered, Old Growth forests. Quadrant
Homes currently sources Weyerhaeuser brand
TrusJoist Lumber that is stolen without consent
from the Ontario First Nation Traditional Territory
of Grassy Narrows. The wood; stolen from Grassy
Narrows is used to build each and every
manufactured home created by Quadrant Homes.
While Quadrant markets their homes as "Built
Green" of which is far from the truth.
As president of Quadrant Homes, Peter Orser has
the ability to stop Quadrant Homes use of wood
stolen from Grassy Narrows, and switch use to
equally efficient and cost effective alternative
FSC lumber, that is both environmentally friendly
and is harvested from sustainably managed
forests. After the banner drop on I-90, SEARAG
decided to greet Quadrant Home's President at
his home on near the waterfront on Mercer Island.
Unfortunately only Laura Orser answered the
door, and we chatted with her expressing our
concerns before she called security. We later
called Peter and expressed our concerned, and
asked that he make a responsible decision, and
stop Quadrant's use of stolen wood from Grassy.
RosickiFederal Way Police Outlaw Constitutional Rights!
Federal Way Police Prohibit Constitutional Rights without a permit!
Constitutional Rights are no longer valid in the
city of Federal Way, Washington as Federal Way
police confronted activists from the Seattle
Rainforest Action Group demanding that they
have a permit to express their First Amendment
Constitutional Rights on public property at
subject of arrest and fines. The Federal Way
police now require US Citizens to apply for a
permit in order to utilize their First Amendment
rights on public property. According to the
Federal Way police; anyone displaying a sign or
banner with controversial or opinionated
messaging on public property is subject to arrest
and fines unless a permit filed through the city is
obtained. It is our constitutional right as United
States citizens to express our right to free
speech and our right to assemble and protest,
but apparently the city of Federal Way and the
Federal Way police no longer adhere to the
Constitution of the United States.
Federal Way police Deny Constitutional Rights on Public Land; Citizens
must now apply for a permit to have access to the First Amendment.
Weyerhaeuser Prohibits shareholder access to AGM!
Weyerhaeuser refuses access and arrests its own shareholders
at the 2010 Weyerhaeuser Annual Shareholders Meeting
Each year, by law publicly traded corporations such as
the Weyerhaeuser Corporation are required to hold a
Annual General Shareholders Meeting (AGM), and by
law are required to allow entry to all shareholders
holding that corporation's stock as of the beginning of
the corporate year. At Weyerhaeuser's Annual General
Shareholder's meeting at the Federal Way Corporate
HQ, on April 19th; Weyerhaeuser violated such laws by
refusing access to more then 19 shareholders and
proxy shareholders; denying them access to have
input in the very stock they invest in. At least one
shareholder was arrested after Weyerhaeuser illegally
refused him access; regardless of the fact that he had
all required documentation, arresting him after he
stated that he was illegally being denied access to the
meeting, and he refused to leave until he was
admitted to the shareholder's meeting. As for the
SEARAG Activists in front of Quadrant Home's President
Peter Orser's Million dollar Estate on Mercer Island
other shareholders who were denied access to their own meeting; Weyerhaeuser called police to
remove all of the shareholders from the premises, or arrest them and charge them with criminal
trespassing; even though all shareholders had full legal right to be at the Shareholders meeting.
After the meeting activists; activists from the
Seattle Rainforest Action Group setup
banners and signs outside the Weyerhaeuser
Campus, on public property. After about an
hour, Federal Way police came and
threatened to arrest and fine the activists for
"illegally" expressing their constitutional first
amendment right to free speech, and their
rights to peacefully assemble on public
property without a city permit. SEARAG was
told by the Federal Way Police that in order to
display controversial and or opinionated
signs on public property, of which falls under
our constitutional rights, we would need to
apply for a permit, or face arrest and fines.
Weyerhaeuser is not only one of the planets worst environmental
destroyers, but Weyerhaeuser is a Human Rights abuser
SEARAG Activists fight to stop Environmental and Human Rights abuser
Weyerhaeuser at the 2010 Annual General Shareholders Meeting